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There are five of them – Florence, Stevie, Hjördis, Frasse and Nigel.
They LOVE to be microwaved OR stuck in the freezer. The Bedmites are in fact, apart from uber cute, seriously practical wheatbags. Once microwaved they heat up a cold bed in no time. A safer alternative to a hot water bottle!
Every Bedmite is unique and somewhat free form. Their faces are hand painted and sewn on. I change them around as I feel suit their personalities.

Simply microwave for 1 minute on high – extend time if necessary – for a warm, relaxing and soothing sensation either in a cold bed or for your arms.
Or freeze for great cooling relief during summer.
Also handy as a cheerful ice pack for injuries etc.

Hard Facts:   
Wool blend fabric in a variety of colours. Tightly sewn with an interfacing for extra durability. Filled with various amounts of South Australian wheat. Amounts vary with individual shapes. Scented with lavender flowers from the Barossa Valley. One size fits all but they are all different. The largest one is Frasse followed by Florence, Hjördis, Nigel and Stevie. Size isn’t what matters here!

Patterns and Colours:   
There are currently 5 mutant mites available – see images below. I alternate between blue, red, brown, beige, white and light and dark grey fabrics. But I like to change things around from time to time. Ask me!

Use and Care:
Please see the instructions in Adobe PDF format.

AU$ 38.00 + postage, unless you catch me at the East End Market on Rundle Street in Adelaide, South Australia, every Sunday from 0900 to 1600.
BUY IT!  or buy an image of a Bedmite on a Coinpurse


Why they look so good and spunky?

Because I design and screen print them!
And because they are 100% made in Australia.

© 2008 Åsa Wassberg