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Hot Cross and Molten Lava

These wheatbags are for those who enjoy a wooly look and feel.
Both Hot Cross and Molten Lava have a square shape and contain a mix of wheat and lavender.
The applique decoration on top is individual to each wheatbag. The theme is, obviously, HEAT. Arty!
Simply microwave for 1 minute on high – extend time if necessary – OR freeze for great cooling relief during summer.
Or use as an ice pack for injuries etc.

Hard Facts:   
Wool blend fabrics in a variety of colours. Tightly sewn with an interfacing for extra durability. Filled with approximately 1 kg South Australian wheat. Scented with lavender flowers from the Barossa Valley. Size: 19 x 19 cm.
Patterns and Colours:   
The Hot Cross or Molten Lava patterns on top of the wheatbags are cut free form and colour matched individually.  Then the cut-outs are sewn on the square shape in a quite free form way. Colours vary but are usually grey, brown, black, red, blue and yellow. But I like to change things around from time to time. Ask me!

Use and Care:
Adobe PDF format or word document for full instructions.

AUD$18 plus postage
unless unless you catch me at the East End Market on Rundle Street in Adelaide, South Australia, every Sunday from 0900 to 1600.

Or looking for
other kinds of wheatbags?
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Why they look so good and spunky?
Because I design and make them!
And because they are 100% made in Australia.

© 2008 Åsa Wassberg