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Friday Night

Toil and trouble through the week, friday night is a time to let your hair hang down!
Or in the case of Friday Night, wobble slightly to the left.
Friday Night lives for the weekend, or more precisely for the end-of-the-week,as the weekend
is taken up by his love for train spotting and his passion for pistacchio nut shelling and postage
stamp glue collecting.

Allegedly the fruit of the loins of Titiana, though maternity suit is still in progress,
his mother is trying to disprove that he is indeed her son. Sad.
Friday Night is a happy person though, annoyingly so.

Ever the one to look for the bright hole in the wall of despair, he pokes around the dark
curtain of misery surrouning the drugery of everyday life. He does this with the enthusiasm
and passion of one oblivious to the logs that life throws at ones feet.
With a happy hoppity hop, he gleefuly jumps over them deligthfuly squealing with joy at each bound.
Envied and disliked by many for his seemingly inexhaustible supply of the happy juice, Friday Night
nevertheless loves the company of people. Friday Night spends his time mostly in  bars and dance establishements. River dancing, hip hop dancing, haggis dancing, eel dancing, pole dancing it matters not.
Friday night will jiggle juggle his jiggly bits with abandon, the contageous joy spreading
like a fart in a small car.

Friday Night owes money to everyone, has had his hip replaced number of  times
(resulting in large medical bills), walks with a limp and has a serious eye disorder
(lefteyeballities soucerities). What would be debilitating circumstances for many - for
Friday Night these are mere spices of life.
Lets face it folks, Friday Night is one happy bastard.

FAVOURITE HOBBY: Jiggling, train spotting and attending postage stamp glue festivals
FAVOURITE MOVIE: Saturday Night Fever
FAVOURITE PERSON: Friday Night loves everyone

© 2006 Åsa Wassberg