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Sweet Potatoe

Sweet Potatoe, is well... sweet.
But this was not always so.

Do not be deceived by his good looks, great fashion sense, poor posture or cutesey name. Sweet Potatoe was the ringleader of the notorious nasty onion vegetable paste gang. The gang made people cry. Though lacking the media exposure of the other gang members, the Carnivorous Carrot  and Bitter Beetroot, Sweet Potatoe was the original cauliflour brain behind the entire bad bunch. Keeping the broth on the go, the entire operation was closely supervised by his many eyes. Cruel and ruthless, he had a reversal of concience when one of the gang members, the Carnivourous Carrot, was pureed in the well documented 'Food Processor Caper'.
Having to meet the baby carrots to explain to the little sprouts the gruesome and harsh reality
of modern cuisine preparation has made Sweet Potatoe look for the meaning of life.

Briefly, running from the dicy nature of his past, Sweet Potatoe joined a circus where under
the stage name "MR POTATOEH" he teamed up with a fakir and a knife thrower to form a mildly entertaining act
"MR POTATOEH and friends". He soon gave it up because, as he put it with typical understatement; 'It have him headache'.
Though public accolades have eluded him, the newly found obscurity has made Sweet Potatoe
look increasingly inwards. Spending a few years in a Tibetan monastery set Sweet Potatoe on an inward
journey through the rough core to the inner happy juicy center.

As Sweet Potatoe is searching for the true sweetness, he walks with his gaze fixed on the ground
in a constant effort to discover himself.
Marking that every step counts in the journey of life.
Who we were in the past does not matter if we can chose the direcion where we walk and who we become.
Sweet Potatoe reminds us to live life in the present.

FAVOURITE PERFORMER: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

© 2006 Åsa Wassberg