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Toiletry Bags

Handy storage units for toiletries, pens or other nick-nacks. There are two sizes, one for those who like to travel and one for those who must bring everything. The outside fabric, protected by a layer of clear plastic, is either printed by me or handpicked for its beauty. The inside lining has a matching or contrasting spunky colour. Some may or may not have little images sewn onto them, a bit like the Coinpurses. As I like to play with the items and change them around – ASK ME!

Hard Facts:
Clear plastic over a 100% cotton fabric. The lining is 100% cotton also. Good quality plastic zip gives easy access to inside. Two different lengths – either 15 or 20cm long x 10cm wide x 10cm high. Can be squashed down to minimise storage room. Has a loop strap at one end which can be used for hanging the bag up – see images.

Patterns and Colours:   
A lot of variation. Whatever patterns I am making currently will be represented here. I also like to purchase vintage or new fabrics and play with.

Use and Care:
The plastic outside can be rinsed off easily. Do not soak. Can be hand washed with care in warm water. Colours may run! It’s best NOT to wash them, if you can help it. Fight the urge!

AU$ 13 for smaller ones or AU$ 15 for the larger ones
+ postage, unless you catch me at the East End Market on Rundle Street in Adelaide, South Australia, every Sunday from 0900 to 1600.


Why they look so good and spunky?
Because I design and screen print them!
And because they are 100% made in Australia.

© 2008 Åsa Wassberg