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Who hasn’t heard of them or used them?
And who hasn’t struggled to keep a conventionally shaped wheatbag on your shoulders?! It is awkward, uncomfortable and unsatisfying.

I design, and make from scratch, a shoulder shaped, HANDS FREE wheatbag that will never slip off as it is perfectly balanced. No more worries or awkward positions! It is old school function paired with ergonomic design.
You can even twist the end bits over which makes the back end rise up and stay in direct contact with your neck!
If you wish you can fold the shoulder shape in half and still use it for tummy, back or to just heat up your bed. It’s versatile!

Simply microwave for 1 minute on high – extend time if necessary – OR freeze for great cooling relief during summer.
Or use as an ice pack for injuries etc.

Hard Facts:
Hand printed by me with water based ink on 100% cotton drill. Sewn with a double seam for extra durability. Filled with approximately one kilo of South Australian wheat. Available either scented with either lavender flowers from the Barossa Valley, with a selection of essential oils – see graphic below – OR unscented. One size fits all.

Patterns and Colours:
There are currently 6 designs available – see images below. There are normally 7 colours in circulation; yellow, red, cerise, turquoise, khaki, grey and black. Right now I like to print black on all colours and white on black but I like to change things around from time to time. Ask me!

Use and Care:
Please see the instructions in Adobe PDF format or MS-Word.

AU$ 24.00 + postage, unless you catch me at the East End Market on Rundle Street in Adelaide, South Australia, every Sunday from 0900 to 1600.

Why they look so good and spunky?
Because I design and screen print them!
And because they are 100% made in Australia.

© 2008 Åsa Wassberg